Friday, May 30, 2008


So for the past several months (since sometime in the early winter, I think...?), I have not had an antenna for my car. This has made it very difficult to listen to clear streaming radio, and I've been limited to listening to 89.3 The Current (indie jams, mainly - public radio), 91.1 KNOW (M/NPR), and 92.5 KQRS (Classic Rock) - all of these with wavering signals... I felt slightly better, while I was borrowing my stepmom's car when mine was in the shop, and I was able to enjoy a broad range of stations. I probably should have gotten a new one, sooner, but... yeah...

Well, after months of diddling around, I have finally gotten myself to purchase a new antenna. Yeah... About damn time... Anyway, finally, I will be able to listen to all the local radio stations. I've very much missed being able to listen to all the aforementioned stations without regular static and disturbance, but most of all, it'll be great to be able to listen to 770 Radio K, again! ::sigh:: I didn't realize how much I missed it until I had to give back my stepmom's car...

Although... I've only ordered the antenna... Once it arrives, I'll still have to take my car to get the antenna installed... But hey! It's a start!

Also, I finally am preparing my teeny tiny Obama t-shirt (think of those Obama Girl videos for reference on how the shirt fit me) for exchange and preparing my Acuvue rebate form. Know why companies can have huge rebates and still make bank? Because of people like me. But not this time! Oh no. I will get an Obama shirt that *fits*, and I will get cash back for my contact lenses. AND I'll have radio!

Okay, sorry, that was absurd.

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