Thursday, May 8, 2008

Various brief musings

Part 1:
Woot on Obama taking charge in North Carolina! I guess it's just a matter of time before things are squared away... I think I'm now okay with Hillary waiting to drop out. As it's been said, Obama's likely to be beat badly in WV and KY, whether or not Hillary stays in the game - so... better that she be in it so he's not losing to her "ghost" (a la McCain losing wayyy too many votes to Huckabee, Ron Paul, and Romney than is respectable of the presumptive nominee - less than 80% in both Indiana and North Carolina?!). Guess we just sit back and watch how it plays out...

Part 2:
How awesome is it that Ellen Page is going to be playing Jane Eyre? It'll be really interesting to see how she goes about it, since it'd be a very different role from Juno. Anyway, I think it's exciting.

Part 3:
What with gas prices as they are, not to mention the whole... saving resources thing..., you'd think people would stop "going for a drive." Alas, coworker *Trudy announced at noon, "I'm going to go for a drive." And she's an Obama fan! Yet she makes a very minimal conservation effort. (She prints everything she possibly can, rather than simply keeping a computer file). ::sigh:: Oh well.

I guess that's all, for now.

*Name changed for protection of self and coworker

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