Sunday, May 4, 2008

atheist at confirmation (of faith)

so i know my sexual frustration post probably is a lot less relevant to anything or anyone (not that anyone is reading this, anyway). but i've gotta say, it's really a strange experience to be atheist and be asked by your little sister to go to her confirmation of faith ceremony. seriously weird. and frustrating. i love my sister very much, so there was no question that i would go and support her. i'm proud of her - it's so great to watch her grow up, to watch her become a beautiful and smart young woman. but... it's really hard for me to stand up with her as someone says "dear lord stir up in [...] mara blah blah blah" when it's not something i believe, something i support. but the whole thing... it was just... weird.

another weird thing about the experience: one of the confirmation group leaders was really excited about a spear he'd gotten as a gift from some... tribe... somewhere... and he had it up front with him, and he was waving it around... and he was likening his students to the head of the spear - they go in first. it was weird and kind of creepy. i was vaguely hoping he would touch the spear on both shoulders of each student, in the fashion of knighting. that would have been hilarious and awesome. sadly, no.

oh, and it should be noted that women should probably not sing josh groban's "you raise me up" without transposing to a [significantly] lower key... holy crap was that painful. i mean, she wasn't that bad, but a) it was way too high and she wasn't hitting her notes, and b) she was doing the groove with the spirit jam-style singing which just makes me laugh inside (and sometimes outside). after having heard the original, i just... was not impressed.

good things that came of the day: whether or not i agree with the specific connotation of "confirmation," i do agree with the concept of acknowledging the "coming of age" of young adults. well... adolescents, really. but still. and it was also kinda neat that both sides of my sister's very divided family were able to come together for this.

okay. done, now. :)

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