Wednesday, July 2, 2008


What is it about whispering? People do it with the intent to make less noise, in an attempt not to bother people... but it's also one way to pass along a secret... Thus, when people whisper, it tends to make people more curious about what's being said! Maybe I'm just nosy... but I hate when people whisper, since I want to be in on the secret. I'm that curious cat, I guess, and it'll probably get me in trouble. Hopefully, there are other people who are worse than I am in the "Hey, guys! What're we talking about?" situations. Feels obnoxious, but... the curiosity cannot be contained! So if you would rather people not want to know what you're saying, it would behoove you to speak in normal voice at a normal or vaguely sub-normal volume, and people just won't care enough. Whispering suggests there's something to hide. Granted, if one does speak in a normal voice, one risks being overheard... But I still maintain that the things kept best hidden are those hidden in plain sight.

Sorry - random thought spurred by people whispering in the office. Now, I just want to know what they were talking about!

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Nichts said...

The thing about is whispering, at least outside of a library or a museum or someplace where a lot of people are trying to sleep, is that it is dishonest. Whispering, chatting, singing, screaming, shouting, talking, conversating should all be truthful. Why simply wonder what those people are whispering about? Next time, go forth and say, "What are you guys whispering about over here?"