Monday, July 21, 2008

Golf - see George Carlin

From the Daily Kos, this was just too good not to paste in. Note: I don't like golf...

And let's not forget how boring golf is. Have you ever watched it on television? It's like watching flies fuck. A completely mindless game. I should think it takes a fairly low intellect to draw pleasure from the following activity: hitting a ball with a crooked stick...and then walking after it! And then...hitting it again! I say 'Pick it up, asshole, you're lucky you found the fuckin' thing. Put it in your pocket and go the fuck home!'

I say let these rich cocksuckers play miniature golf. Let them fuck with a windmill for an hour and a half. I wanna see if there's any real skill among these people.
- George Carlin, RIP

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