Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm a sandal snob

So this morning, I was feeling a little awkward and self conscious about my choice of footwear, today, considering I'm wearing pin-striped pants with sandals remarkably like the ones shown below, but ever-so-slightly less orthopedic-friendly in nature (and thus ever-so-slightly less matronly). I don't like looking remotely matronly, so this bothered me a bit.
I was absently pondering my predicament in the bathroom, when I glanced at the feet in the stall next to me. I immediately felt better about my own choice, when I saw her feet clad in the following hideous footwear:

Should I be more open-minded about amphibious footwear? Maybe. Will I? Probably not. I actually feel this is as good a time as any to sully my blog by assailing the brand Keen in its near entirety. Hideous footwear, all of it! Sorry, folks... I don't care how good they are for your feet, nor how comfy...

Now that you're all put off by my absurd and perhaps ill-founded snobbish distaste for stupid footwear, I'll quit. Have a nice day :)

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